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A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Frankland River Primary School. I am honoured and very privileged to be the Principal of Frankland River Primary School. I always look forward to working with our students, staff and parents to make Frankland River PS the best school it can be.  

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Parent TV - Let's talk about moods

Have you noticed that sometimes our little girls, or maybe our tween girls…or even us as adults get stuck in moods? Maggie Dent shares tips on helping girls to become more optimistic in the face of ruminating thoughts.

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Math Focus - Term 3

This year, we have been trialling and applying a new style of teaching in our Numeracy Block. Our teaching has progressed from using a text book to a more “hands-on” approach that integrates the proficiencies of fluency, reasoning, problem solving and understanding into the student’s learning.

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Interschool Athletics Carnival 16/9

Wishing all our competitiors the very best of luck as they head to St Bernard's Primary School to compete at the Stirling Districts Interschool Athletics Carnival.

COVID-19 Information

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