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A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Frankland River Primary School. I am honoured and very privileged to be the Principal of Frankland River Primary School. I always look forward to working with our students, staff and parents to make Frankland River PS the best school it can be.  

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COVID-19 Information

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Math before Bed

Math before Bed The benefits of reading stories to our children at night time have been shared countless times over, and for good reason. Reading improves literacy skills and this has a positive influence on their Maths reasoning too.

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Frankie's Literacy Musings....

Did you know that teachers at our school use an agreed upon 'whole school approach' to teaching Writing?   We are professionally trained to deliver explicit writing instruction using the 'Talk4Writing' approach developed by Pie Corbett.

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To download the new school app just visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android’s. Search for Updat-ed and from the menu select our school.

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