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Did you know that teachers at our school use an agreed upon 'whole school approach' to teaching Writing?   We are professionally trained to deliver explicit writing instruction using the 'Talk4Writing' approach developed by Pie Corbett.

"Who is Pie Corbett?" 

Pie Corbett is an inspirational trainer, poet, author and editor of over 250 books. He is also a former teacher, headteacher, lecturer and English inspector who promotes creative approaches for teaching children of all ages to become competent and independent writers.

What's so good about this approach?  "Talk4Writing" is a powerful approach because it is based on the principles of how students learn.  

A key feature of 'Talk4Writing' is that children internalise the language structures needed to write through ‘talking the text’, as well as close reading. 

Teachers use model texts to demonstrate to students how texts are structured; to expand and develop students' understanding of language conventions; and to enhance student vocabulary. 

Students internalise the language structures required to write effectively by:

  • Learning and orally reciting the model text (talking the text)
  • ​Hearing adults read quality texts aloud on a regular basis.
  • Discussing and analysing texts to identify the creative devices and language conventions used.
  • Engaging in short burst writing exercises focused on developing key skills.

Our current 'whole school focus' for Writing is: Persuasive Writing.

Getting students hooked!  On Monday morning, all students were involved in a collaborative treasure hunt.  This involved following cryptic clues to locate pieces of a puzzle.  Six puzzle pieces, shaped like slices of pizza, were hidden in a variety of locations around the school.  These pieces were assembled revealing a writing challenge for the students.

The Challenge:  "Can you convince us to hold a pizza day?"

This activity was the 'hook' to introduce students to our Writing focus for this term.  We look forward to teaching and supporting students to develop some wonderfully persuasive texts in their bid to achieve their pizza day. 

 Miss Roberts - Literacy Coordinator

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