Parents are reminded that Department of Education regulations require parents to notify the school, either by note or verbally, of the reason for non-attendance of their child within 3 days of their return to school. This refers to half and full day non-attendance. Once enrolled at school, children are expected to attend on all available days. This includes Kindergarten. Pre-Primary is the first year of compulsory schooling. It is important to establish good patterns of attendance from an early age.


Parents are responsible for notifying the school of the reason for their child’s non-attendance. The “MessageYou” system was implemented in 2019 and parents are now sent a text if they have not already advised the school of the reason for their child’s absence.


MessageYou number:  0448 897 162 and can be used to notify the school prior to the child’s absence or on the day before 9.30am.


If planning an extended absence for your child/ren, please apply to the school Principal with the dates and reason for the absence for this to be considered as an authorised absence.  The Notice for Extended Leave can be accessed here and should be completed if planning leave in excess of 2 days.

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